Eating Solids for the First Time


Mommy and daddy got me this fancy new chair so I can sit at the table with them when they’re eating. Then, they started talking about eating “solids” and how I was going to use a “spoon” from oogaa Baby and Nuby to eat it. There was some mushy green stuff that they called “avocado” that I tried for the first time.


I was very confused at first, but because mommy and daddy helped me try some milk in a spoon first, I already knew what I was supposed to do. The avocado is so yummy and I think I really like eating solids! I wonder what they’re going to feed me next!

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The second time around went even better, but I think I got more avocado on my bib and on my chin than I got in my mouth! So much fun! I want more!

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