Having Fun with My New Activity Saucer

Now that I can sit on my own and I’m trying to stand up, a family friend gave us a pretty cool toy for me to play with. I’m having a lot of fun with the Baby Einstein Activity Saucer. It has so many different things for me to do. I don’t know where to begin!

After playing for so long, I’m going to need something to eat. How about some sashimi for dinner tonight? Maybe with some avocado too?

Six Months of Adalynn!


Can you believe it? I’m already six months old! It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was welcomed into the world and when I collected all those red envelopes at my one month party. Nowadays, I can roll over, I can sit up on my own, and I’ve even started eating solids too.

Mommy and daddy say I’m growing up too fast. I can’t wait until my next adventure! Now, gimme some cake!

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Okay, so maybe that was too much sugar for a baby of six months…

Eating Solids for the First Time


Mommy and daddy got me this fancy new chair so I can sit at the table with them when they’re eating. Then, they started talking about eating “solids” and how I was going to use a “spoon” from oogaa Baby and Nuby to eat it. There was some mushy green stuff that they called “avocado” that I tried for the first time.


I was very confused at first, but because mommy and daddy helped me try some milk in a spoon first, I already knew what I was supposed to do. The avocado is so yummy and I think I really like eating solids! I wonder what they’re going to feed me next!

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The second time around went even better, but I think I got more avocado on my bib and on my chin than I got in my mouth! So much fun! I want more!

Playing With My OBall Rattle

Adalynn with Oball

I’m learning so many new things almost every day. Tummy time is getting a lot easier and I can lift my head up to talk to daddy now. My neck keeps getting stronger and I can almost sit by myself already! I’m also figuring out how to reach out and grab things, mostly to shove them in my mouth.

One of my favorite new toys is the Oball Rattle. The thin soft frame is perfect for my little fingers and I really like the rattle noise it makes when I shake it. Now if only I can figure out how to get this thing in my mouth, I’ll be all set. Thank you, mummy!

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