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I Like the Food Mommy Makes

Mommy likes to make all sorts of yummy food for me to eat and I like eating all of it. This is so much fancier than the stuff that you can buy at the store, because mommy includes many fun ingredients like beef liver, quinoa and cauliflower. Here’s some pasta and cheese I had.

I like my pork tenderloin and barley soup too. Both mommy and daddy enjoyed the food too.

Dessert is my favorite. Yummy Greek yogurt!

The Culinary Adventures of Adalynn

Mommy and daddy keep introducing new foods to me. I started out with just basic cereals and avocado, but now I’m eating all sorts of different things. My culinary horizons are expanding!

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I’ve tried chicken, turkey, tofu, mushy peas, sweet potato, bananas, pear… Mommy even made homemade organic yogurt for me to try. My first dairy food! I think I like it.

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Eating Solids for the First Time


Mommy and daddy got me this fancy new chair so I can sit at the table with them when they’re eating. Then, they started talking about eating “solids” and how I was going to use a “spoon” from oogaa Baby and Nuby to eat it. There was some mushy green stuff that they called “avocado” that I tried for the first time.


I was very confused at first, but because mommy and daddy helped me try some milk in a spoon first, I already knew what I was supposed to do. The avocado is so yummy and I think I really like eating solids! I wonder what they’re going to feed me next!

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The second time around went even better, but I think I got more avocado on my bib and on my chin than I got in my mouth! So much fun! I want more!