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Ouch! I Don’t Like Needles


I thought we were going on another fun car ride and it was time for another wonderful adventure. We arrived at this big building and I met a nice lady in a room decorated with colorful animals. I was telling my daddy all about it and smiling, but then daddy held my leg out and then the nice lady became a mean lady. She poked me in the thigh with three needles and it really hurt! I didn’t like it at all. 🙁

Can we go somewhere else now?

My One Month Dinner Party


Wow! So many people came out to meet me for my first ever party. We went for dinner at this big fancy restaurant and it looked like everyone was very happy. I slept through most of it, but I made sure I said hello to everyone who came. People kept giving mommy and daddy these envelopes and they say that it’ll pay for my schooling one day.


Thank you for all the cards and envelopes and gifts! We hope you had a good time.